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If you stay 3 consecutive nights in May 2016 you will receive -25% off our standard rate:

Single room: normal rate ISK 19,900. 
Spring Break: ISK 14,925 per night. 
Total for 3 nights ISK 44,775

Double / Twin roomnormal rate ISK 28,500. 
Spring Break: ISK 21,375 per night. 
Total cost for 3 nights ISK 64,125

Triple roomnormal rate ISK 34,900. 
Spring Break: ISK 26,175 per night. 
Total cost for 3 nights ISK 78,525

Family roomnormal rate ISK 39,900. 
Spring Break: ISK 29,925 per night. 
Total cost for 3 nights ISK 89,775

Inclusive of:  free wi-fi, buffet breakfast, shuttle to/from the Blue Lagoon, international airport pick-up/drop-off from 05:00 to 23:00.
Transfer during the night (from 23:00 to 05:00) cost  ISK 3,000.

From the Northern Light Inn, you can see the key destinations of Iceland, enjoy 
Iceland's dynamic natural surroundings, and do many outdoor activities, such as:

We can assist you with bookings for excursions and their pick-up/drop-off services, at no extra cost.

There are many alternatives, so please don’t hesitate to ask more information.

We looking forward to seeing you soon!