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Max's Restaurant


Soup of the Day
with homebaked bread and butter

Today's Salad
with honey roasted nuts
1500 kr

Deepfried Cauliflower
bell pepper sauce and spinach
1500 kr

Lobster Soup
with homebaked bread and butter
2200 kr


mozzarella, tomatoes and basil-nuts pesto
1800 kr

Goat Cheese
pine nuts, ruccola and figs
2100 kr

Smoked Salmon
dill sauce and spinach
2400 kr

Deepfried Chicken morsels
french fries, ketchup and mayonnaise
2600 kr

Main Courses


Panfried Cod
breaded & sautéed in butter
3100 kr

Seafood Risotto
langoustine, shrimps and scallops
3700 kr

Fish of the Day
with the chef’s complementary garnishing
3900 kr


Steak Sandwich
beef, onion, mushroom and bearnaise sauce
3100 kr

Lamb Chops
root vegetable and redwine sauce
4200 kr

Lamb Fillet
root vegetable, beetroot puree and redwine sauce
4800 kr

Beef Tenderloin
asparagus, french fries and bearnaise sauce
5300 kr


beetroot barley and greens
3700 kr

Vegetable Wellington
vegetable and redwine sauce
3900 kr

Lunch Buffet

Prix Fixe 2800 kr

The lunch buffet includes:
 soup of the day, vegetarian & meat main courses, home baked bread & sides 


Soup of the Day
 & home baked bread 
1200 kr


Skyr & Cream
500 kr

with whipped cream & jam
600 kr

with caramel sauce 

Chocolate Temptation
1200 kr

Please let us know if you have any food allergies before you order.

Prices include taxes and service.

Max's Restaurant fish of the day. Northern Light inn, Iceland.

Fish of the Day.

Max's Restaurant seafood risotto. Northern Light inn, Iceland. Fish of the Day.

Chocolate Temptation @ MaxsRestaurant #NorthernLightInn #Iceland

Chocolate Temptation

Smoked salmon @MaxsRestaurant, Northern Light Inn, Iceland

Smoked salmon appetizer

Eva's KitKat Cake for Bondadagur @Max's Restaurant #northernlightinn

Eva's KitKat Cake for Bóndadagur — Husband's Day

Sunday roast @ Max's Restaurant, Northern Light Inn, Iceland.

Sunday Roast 18:00–21:30.

Sunday's slow roast lamb, baked fish, buffet sides, soup, salads and all you can eat: 5600kr.


Max's Restaurant @ Northern Light Inn, just before the Blue Lagoon and its steaming geo-thermal power station, is surrounded by moss covered lava fields and tectonic mountains. 

We serve Nordic cuisine combined with foods from the fjords and fields of Iceland: ocean fresh fish, free range lamb, geo-thermal green house vegetables, home baked breads and cakes.

Come by for breakfast, lunch, coffee & cakes, happy hour, or a memorable last supper in Iceland.

And Max's is a great place to celebrate milestones & special moments!


Buffet Breakfast            07:00 – 10:00

Lunch                            12:00 – 16:00

Dinner                           17:30 – 21:30
(Monday – Saturday)

Sunday Roast                18:00 – 21:30

Special Dietary Needs 
Please let us know in advance and we will try our best to accommodate your requirements. 

Midnight Snacks for Late Arrivals
E-mail us ahead of time to order a sandwich or salad when you check in.

Early Departures 
Please let us know the day before your departure and we will arrange an early-bird breakfast.

Icelandic Lamb logo
We proudly cook–exclusively–Icelandic lamb.

Dear Guests – Thank You for Trip Advisor's Hall of Fame Certificate of Excellence 2018!

Max's Restaurant, Northern Light Inn, Iceland

A winter afternoon

Max's Restaurant, Northern Light Inn, Iceland

Max's Restaurant & Lounge ( or conference room )

Cognac Lounge, Northern Light Inn, Iceland

Cognac at the Honesty Bar

Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast buffet at Max's Restaurant, Northern Light Inn, Iceland

Breakfast 07:00 ~ 10:00. Included in the room rate, a buffet with a wide variety of delicious foods, fresh fruits, home baked breads, and Iceland's best smoked salmon.


Canapés at Max's Restaurant

Having a party? Ask Max's to cater a special occasion for you.


Salad detail, Max's Restaurant, Iceland

We love everything fresh, natural and colorful.

Epicurean Treats

Laufabraud Christmas bread at Max's Restaurant, Northern Light Inn, Iceland

Have you ever tried laufabrauð, our traditional Christmas snowflake bread?

Northern Light Inn entrance to the hotel and Max's Restaurant.

Max's is named in honor of our golden retriever who loved the guests, good food, and enjoyed the landscape as far as you can see–and he could run.

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